Saturday 21 December, various times | Broad Street

The circus comes to Broad Street and it will be a day of madcap, crazy and wild fun! Juggling with a comic twist, daredevil acrobatics, knife balancing and escapology and a fire show that will heat up your chills. These are no sideshows, they are top-of-the-big-top performers! Don’t run away – but you might have to watch through your fingers!

Dan the Hat: Juggler and comedian: Let Dan the Hat take you on a frenzied journey of skills and comedy. Lots of audience interaction throughout. Whether they like it or not! Juggling with finesse, world class hat manipulation, yoyo, ball spinning and loads more!
13:30 Station forecourt
15:00 Market Place
16:30 Broad St (outside M&S)

Escapologist AJ James: AJ James does things that very few others can – knife juggling on a balance board (even going so far as to perform upside down!) and a timed escape from chains are just his warm-up! His invigorating performance includes leaping through fire, multiple back-flips and somersaults which will leave the audience holding their breath whenever he performs!
14:30 Broad St (outside Clas Ohlsen)
16:00 Broad St (outside EE)
18:30 Broad St (outside M&S)

The Felicity Footloose Show: The Felicity Footloose Show is full of fun frolics and daredevil antics! This street performer lives in the 80s and just wants to dance! Watch as she juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics to try and impress her hero Johnny! The absurd street performer will even go as far as to hang from her toes upside-down and juggle knives!
14:00 Market Place @ 14:00
15:30 Broad St (outside Clas Ohlsen)
17:30 Broad St (outside M&S)

Flame Oz: The Flame Oz Fire Show is the UK’s premier fire act – a uniquely entertaining, multi award-winning spectacular that has thrilled more than 1000 audiences! They’ve performed their amazing show in over 40 countries.
17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 Broad St (outside John Lewis)