Thursday 12 December, 6.30pm-7.30pm | Picnic, Butter Market

One hour free workshop with Jelly artists at Emotional State’s Night Plant Market called ‘Return of the Light’ at Picnic, Market Place.

Participants will be guided by a Jelly artist to make a beautiful hand-rolled beeswax candle. The candle represents the warmth and light that will return from the end of December as the days gradually grow longer and warmth, growth and light return.

For one night only the cafe will be transformed into a Night Market by floral artists and design duo Emotional State. Alongside their market of house plants, art curios and gifts, Jelly will also create a floral sculpture with Emotional State to represent a fire and flames.

Participants will be invited to write a note about what they wish to leave behind from the year and look forward to the one ahead and place it within the floral sculpture. The activities are fun, simple and quick and draw inspiration on Winter Solstice rituals.

It will be limited to 1 candle per person. Suitable for all ages including adults, young adults and children with adult supervision.