Welcome to Reading’s Naughty Elves page! Our cameras have caught those mischievous little people up to no good around the town. Each day from December 1 until Christmas Eve a new video will be posted here for you to follow their story – why not watch with your children? Or kids, tell Mum and Dad about the elves too!

Will the elves see the error of their ways (after all, we know what Santa thinks of naughty small people!) in time for Christmas? Stay tuned! And you can see the elves LIVE at The Snow Show on 22 December starting at 4.30pm.

Meanwhile we have a cracker of a prize if you post some elf antics pictures on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #oohthosenaughtyelves. Or you can post them to our Facebook page. You could win a £100 Oracle voucher for pictures of you or your children dressed as elves or your Elf on a Shelf shenanigans. Click here for the rules.

Okay, now get watching and liking! Ho, ho, ho!

(24) We miss the Elves!

So we've put together their highlights. Merry Christmas everyone from all at Magical Reading! >

(23) Santa takes Elves home!

Santa picks up his Good Elves and they say goodbye to Reading at The Snow Show (and you know what? We're going to miss their cheeky little faces)!>

(22) One last fling!

The Elves have reformed but as it's Snow Show day they could not resist a little last mischief in John Lewis as they wait for Santa!

(21) More mayhem, this time in Mandy's house!

But wait! Is this the moment the Naughty Elves see the error of their ways? Just watch!

(20) Dizzy in The Oracle!'

Round those rascals go in the shopping centre!

(19) 'Ssssh! This is a library!'

Those rascals ply their noisy antics in Reading Library!

(18) Cherubs chaos!

The Naughty Elves go crazy in our favourite florist's studio!

(17) Abbey Ruins ruckus!

The Naughty Elves get in to our precious Abbey Ruins!

(16) Jelly jamboree!

The Naughty Elves get into a Jelly workshop!

(15) Santa Run silliness!

Those Naughty Elves try to bamboozle the runners!

(14) Forbury Gardens furore!

Now those Naughty Elves lark around in our beautiful gardens

(13) The Mayor takes action!

'Someone has to stop 'em' says our first citizen!

(12) A night at the museum!

Reading Museum gets the Naughty Elves treatment!

(11) South Street silliness!

The Naughty Elves decide to give RBL a hand at rehearsal for A Christmas Carol!

(10) Going barmy at the Brasserie!

Watch as the Naughty Elves tamper with a meal at London Street Brasserie!

(9) Giving Tree trouble!

Watch as the Naughty Elves outfox the security guards at The Giving Tree!

(8) Larking about at Thames Lido!

The Naughty Elves go loopy at the Lido!

(7) Aladdin insane!

Custard in shoes? General chaos at The Hexagon? Elves Again!

(6) Broad Street Mall madness!

Who turned the Christmas lights off? Oh no, not those Naughty Elves again!

(5) Elves on the buses!

Ding ding! The Naughty Elves don't play fare on Reading Buses

(4) Mayhem at the Mal!

Mischievous monkeys, the Naughty Elves go mad at Malmaison!

(3) Pride of Reading pandemonium!

Sneaking around the awards ceremony, those Naughty Elves don't do themselves proud!

(2) Thames Tower turmoil!

The Naughty Elves get into the Roost on top of the Thames Tower!

(1) Here we go!

The Naughty Elves have been up to mischief at Reading Football Club!

The Naughty Elves are limbering up for mischief!

Watch and meet them here